Sunday, December 26, 2010


Another year has gone by and I wonder where it has gone. This year has been full of changes.

Brent's big accomplishment was graduating from Utah State University. It has been a long road but we finally made it. He also took the Dental Admission Test and scored very well. He has applied to numerous dental schools, which we are currently waiting to hear from. It is a long waiting game :)

I've been busy taking care of kids. I'm still serving in the Young Women's presidency, volunteering at the local Food Bank, serving with the PTA, and visiting parents in the NICU with Brent. I've been struggling being pregnant the last half of this year. Our baby girl is due Feb. 10, 2011, I've decided I'm just getting to old to be pregnant, it is a lot harder than it used to be. :)

Dallan is growing up too fast. He is now in the 2nd grade and this last October he turned eight years old and was baptized. This was a very special day for him, he was so very excited. He said turning eight is the best because he got baptized, started Scouts, and graduated from having to ride in a booster seat. :) He likes school, playing with friends and cousins, and he even does well playing with his siblings.

Allie is such a big girl. She started kindergarten and loves it. She is starting to learn how to read and loves to dance to music. She loves animals, all different kinds. For her birthday she wanted a matinee and for Christmas she asked Santa for an armadillo. :) She is all girl and is so excited for a baby sister!

Cody is two years old!! And he is into everything! When he is angry or mad he yells, "Cody!". I guess he hears us yelling that too much. :) He talks so well and repeats things very well too. He loves to play with his brother and sister. He also loves Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Lightening McQueen. He likes all kinds of balls and I just try to keep up with all his energy.

At this time of year we look back and are so grateful for the many blessings our Heavenly Father has given us. He has always looked out for us and provided so much for us. We are most grateful for the gift of His son, our Savior Jesus Christ, the real reason for the season!!!!!!

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J Bailey said...

wow! what exciting things happening! congrats on it all!!!!!!!